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9 December 2013. The unblurred 3-page full document was posted to DocumentCloud:

5 December 2013

Sweden Spied on Russia for NSA

Google translation from Swedish.



Starting today makes SVT a row revelations of historic proportions. So here we have thought about the publication of the data.

We can document including show that Sweden has been a leading partner to the U.S. in espionage against Russia. The documents reveal the very close ties between the Swedish intelligence FRA and its American counterpart NSA.

SVT's Mission Review and SVT News has exclusive access to the material that originated with the former CIA employee Edward Snowden, who also worked at the NSA.

The Guardian in England, the Washington Post and New York Times in the United States, Der Spiegel in Germany, Le Monde in France are some examples of media companies that the last half of published material derived from Edward Snowden .

Among the information that brought the most attention are the revelations that the NSA wiretapped Angela Merkel's cell phone and that the United States allowed the bug its allies in EU buildings .

In SVT, we have carefully considered what information can and should be published. The basic principle is simple: We'll tell you about conditions that are important for the public to know, even if those in power might dismiss our publication.

Considering the material sensitive content publications preceded by careful assessment of each task.

We are convinced that it is an important task for SVT to publish. The material shows a new way how Sweden and FRA are involved in world politics.

Both FRA and NSA have been offered comment on our data.