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22 February 2014

Snowden Releases by ACLU, EFF, Cryptome 14-0221

This combines tabulations of Snowden releases by ACLU, EFF and Cryptome through 21 February 2014.




Cryptome downloaded the files of the three tabulations on 21 February 2014 of the three sites as well as those of the FISC court and declassfied files of the Director of National Intelligence:

The total download comes to 1,387 files (including duplications) in total size of 1.4GB.

These constitute a useful compilation of original documents for reports and debate on the impact of the Snowen releases.

The compilation is included in the Cryptome archive:


2014-0274.pdf         Federal Reserve Probes Watergate-Iraq Corruption February 22, 2014
2014-0273.htm         Snowden Releases by ACLU, EFF, Cryptome 14-0221  February 22, 2014
2014-0272.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *1,094 Pages February 22, 2014
2014-0271.pdf         DoD Global Force Management Data Initiative      February 22, 2014

2014-0270.pdf         DoJ Policy on Treatment of News Media 14-0221    February 21, 2014
2014-0269.htm         9/11 Secrecy Prolongs Warmaking and NSA Excess   February 21, 2014
2014-0268.pdf         Optimal Geo-Location Privacy Mechanisms          February 21, 2014 (2.4MB)
2014-0267.pdf         Authorship Identification for Cyber Forensics    February 21, 2014
2014-0266.pdf         Network Privacy Against Mutual Friend Attacks    February 21, 2014

2014-0265.pdf         Analyzing Syria Censorship and Web Filtering     February 21, 2014
2014-0264.pdf         GAO: WMD Plutonium Disposition Hi-Cost Fraud     February 20, 2014
2014-0263.pdf         Electronic Crime Scene Investigation (via)       February 20, 2014          
2014-0262.pdf         WTC Tenants 1971 to 9/11                         February 20, 2014
2014-0261.pdf         NSA FISA Business Spying                         February 20, 2014 (6.9MB)

2014-0260.pdf         NSA Course on FISA Spying Operations             February 20, 2014 (1.2MB)
2014-0259.htm         Barton Gellman Message to NSA 'Civilian'         February 19, 2014
2014-0258.pdf         FISC BR-13-02 ACLU Response to USG Classified    February 19, 2014
2014-0257.pdf         Greenwald on Craven Responsible Journalism-Gov   February 19, 2014
2014-0256.pdf         David Miranda v. HMG Judgment 19 Feb 2014        February 19, 2014

2014-0255.htm         Tidbit Inventors Attacked by New Jersey          February 18, 2014
2014-0254.pdf         Air Force Wavers Cyber Assurance for 3.2 Years   February 18, 2014
2014-0253.pdf         US Marine Corps Insider Threat Solicitaton       February 18, 2014
2014-0252.pdf         Dan McCall v. NSA-DHS Logos Settlement           February 18, 2014
2014-0251.htm         Conjunctural Analysis of Academy Timid Neurotics February 18, 2014

2014-0250.htm         Compare NBC News-The Intercept GCHQ Psychology   February 18, 2014
2014-0249.pdf         GCHQ Psychology SIGDEV                           February 18, 2014 (3.8MB)
2014-0248.pdf         NSA-GCHQ Discovery SIGINT Targeting              February 18, 2014
2014-0247.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *1,159 Pages February 18, 2014
2014-0246.pdf         John Kiriakou Letter from Prison 14-0210         February 17, 2014 (1.0MB)

2013-1103.vid         Meet Me At Your Riser - Cryptome Video           August 31, 2013


O f f s i t e 

2014-00098            Threat Modeling: Designing for Security          February 20, 2014
2014-00097            Haab Enterprises Outed as CIA Front              February 20, 2014
2014-00096            Matt Taibbi to Head New First Look Journal       February 20, 2014
2014-00095            NY Times: Phone Security Prospects               February 20, 2014
2014-00094            Army Guidance on Cyber Operations                February 20, 2014

2014-00093            Dutch KPN Telco-Silent Circle Offer Secure Phone February 19, 2014
2014-00092            Korff Case - Teen Facing Life Term for Abrin     February 18, 2014
2014-00091            Mapping Hacking Team’s "Untraceable" Spyware     February 18, 2014
2014-00090            Building Lighting-Monitoring Systems Spying      February 18, 2014
2014-00089            Ex-MI5 David Shayler Censored Online (More)      February 18, 2014

2014-00088            Nuclear Bomb B61 Components (related)            February 18, 2014
2014-00087            WikiLeaks and Similar Targeted by NSA/GCHQ       February 18, 2014
2014-00086            Cryptogenography: Controlled release of secrets  February 16, 2014
2014-00085            Bruce Schneier Cryptogram 14-02 Good NSA Recap   February 15, 2014
2014-00084            Absolute Computrace Revisited                    February 13, 2014


Cryptome, 21 January 2014: This is an FOI request to Snowden, Greenwald, Poitras, Gellman, NY Times, for full release of Snowden's de facto declassified USG documents. Send to: Cryptome, 251 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024. Cost of digital reproduction on USBs will be paid. Public key for encrypting <cryptome[at]>: Fingerprint=5D02 335F 26A1 BD73 BFE3 F519 3755 7319 F9FC 4719

Ellsberg: Publishing classified documents is legal; leaking them is illegal. That's why publishing profits from courageous leaks, risk-free.

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"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung, via Tony Gosling

Military Casualties

Iraq Civilian Dead Wounded Care War Contracts

2014-0245.htm         CatFitz DMCA Notice for Snowden Plot             February 17, 2014
2014-0244.pdf         SpyARPA BAA 13-03 Safe and Secure Ops Amend 3    February 17, 2014
2014-0243.pdf         SpyARPA BAA 13-02 Incisive Analysis Amend 3      February 17, 2014
2014-0242.pdf         SpyARPA BAA 13-01 Smart Collection Amend 3       February 17, 2014
2014-0241.pdf         NL Data Retention Directive (via)                February 17, 2014

2014-0240.htm         Edward Lucas DMCA Notice for Snowden Plot        February 17, 2014
2014-0239.pdf         FBI Denies FOIA Request for NSA PRISM Metadata   February 17, 2014
2014-0238.htm         Infringement Notices                             February 17, 2014
2014-0237.pdf         NIST: Cybersecurity Framework                    February 17, 2014
2014-0236.pdf         Restoring Justice: Punishment to Public Health   February 16, 2014

2014-0235.pdf         Cryptogenography: Controlled release of secrets  February 16, 2014
2014-0234.pdf         Information Theoretical Cryptogenography         February 16, 2014
2014-0235.pdf axed    CatFitz: The Snowden Plot Pt 10                  February 15, 2014
2014-0235.pdf axed    CatFitz: The Snowden Plot Pt 1                   February 15, 2014
2014-0234.htm axed    EdwardLucas: The Snowden Plot                    February 15, 2014

2014-0233.pdf         NSA Betrayers of the Trust 2                     February 14, 2014
2014-0232.pdf         NSA Betrayers of the Trust 1                     February 14, 2014
2014-0231.pdf         NSA TEABALL - SIGINT at War                      February 14, 2014
2014-0230.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            February 14, 2014
2014-0229.pdf         Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi Charge Sheet 14-0203        February 14, 2014

2014-0228.pdf         AG Alberto Gonzalez on Terrorist Spying 07-0117  February 14, 2014
2014-0227.pdf         GAO: Civilian Spy Contracting Needs Improvement  February 14, 2014
2014-0226.pdf         Army RFI for Secret EU Social Media Spying       February 14, 2014
2014-0225.pdf Update  Snowden Meets MacAskill, Poitras, and Greenwald  February 14, 2014
2014-0224.htm         Prez: Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersec February 13, 2014

2014-0223.pdf         NIST: Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersec February 13, 2014
2014-0222.pdf         USCC China's Cyber Activities                    February 13, 2014
2014-0221.htm         Nuclear Bomb Arm Fuse Safe Panel (related)       February 13, 2014
2014-0220.htm         Spy Names and Sources                            February 13, 2014
2014-0219.pdf         FISC BR-14-01 NSA Search for FBI 14-0205 Grant   February 13, 2014

2014-0218.pdf         FISC BR-14-01 NSA Search for FBI 14-0205 Amend   February 13, 2014
2014-0217.pdf         FISC BR-14-01 NSA Search for FBI 14-0103 Primary February 13, 2014
2014-0216.htm         Network Interface Card SSH Rootkit               February 13, 2014
2014-0215.pdf         EU Reports on NSA Investigation                  February 13, 2014
2014-0214.pdf         NSA Memo on Staff Aid to Snowden                 February 13, 2014

2014-0213.pdf         John Kiriakou Letter from Prison 14-0202         February 12, 2014 (2.9MB)
2014-0212.pdf         Rand Paul Complaint Against USG Phone Spying     February 12, 2014
2014-0211.pdf         Masterspy Threatens Armed Services Committee     February 12, 2014 (2.0MB)
2014-0210.pdf         FISC BR13-02 USA 2nd Submission 14-0206          February 12, 2014
2014-0209.htm         Edward Lucas Shills Secrets Against Snowden      February 12, 2014

2014-0208.pdf ok      Masterspy on SIGINT Bulk Collection under PPD-28 February 12, 2014
2014-0207.pdf         Gitmo Detainees Win! Appeal of Forcefeeding End  February 11, 2014
2014-0206.pdf         The Intercept Trademark Application              February 11, 2014
2014-0205.pdf         First Look Media Trademark Application           February 11, 2014
2014-0204.pdf         First Look Trademark Application                 February 11, 2014

2014-0203.pdf         State of Journalism in China                     February 11, 2014
2014-0202.htm         Syria Devastation Photos 2                       February 10, 2014
2014-0201.htm         Syria Devastation Photos                         February 10, 2014
2014-0200.pdf         Dining Cryptographers .924 Verifiable Collision  February 10, 2014
2014-0199.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            February 10, 2014

2014-0198.htm         Request to Caitlin Hayden for Full NSA Comments  February 10, 2014
2014-0197.pdf         Masterspy RFI for 215 Bulk Collection Metadata   February 10, 2014
2014-0196.pdf         SpyARPA RFI for Multi-Party Security-Privacy     February 10, 2014
2014-0195.pdf         SpyARPA RFI for Spying Societal Events           February 10, 2014
2014-0194.pdf         SpyARPA RFI for Spying Drift Correction          February 10, 2014

2014-0193.pdf         SpyARPA BAA for Spying Safe-Secure Operations    February 10, 2014
2014-0192.pdf         SpyARPA BAA for Spying Incisive Analysis         February 10, 2014
2014-0191.pdf         SpyARPA BAA for Spying Smart Collection          February 10, 2014
2014-0190.pdf         DHS Plum Island Animal Disease Work Statement    February 10, 2014
2014-0189.jpg         NSA-MIVD BoundlessInformant Slide (via)          February 10, 2014

2014-0188.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *1,114 Pages February 10, 2014
2014-0187.htm         Sliming Snowden                                  February 9, 2014
2014-0186.pdf         Snowden Docs Processed in NY Times Cupboard      February 9, 2014
2014-0185.pdf         Snowden Meets MacAskill, Poitras, and Greenwald  February 9, 2014
2014-0184.htm         Poitras and Greenwald Gamed                      February 9, 2014

2014-0183.pdf Updated Snowden Drop to Poitras and Greenwald Described  February 9, 2014 (1.5MB)
2014-0182.htm Updated Jean-Jacques Quisquater on Alleged NSA-GCHQ Hack February 8, 2014
2014-0191.pdf         AnoA-Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols February 7, 2014
2014-0190.pdf         Stephen J. Kim Filings 257-272 Unsealed          February 7, 2014 (8.2MB)
2014-0189.pdf         Stephen J. Kim Leak Lawyer on Excess Secrecy     February 7, 2014

2014-0188.pdf         GCHQ Cyber Attack Operations                     February 7, 2014 (1.2MB)
2014-0187.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *1,113 Pages February 7, 2014
2014-0186.htm         Glenn Greenwald Public Key Continuity            February 7, 2014
2014-0185.pdf         Nuclear Power Plant Programmable Logic Computers February 6, 2014
2014-0184.pdf         Navy Sub Crypto Tech Trapped by RU False Flag    February 6, 2014

2014-0183.pdf         Navy Sub Crypto Tech RU False Flag Documents     February 6, 2014
2014-0182.htm         Jean-Jacques Quisquater on Alleged NSA-GCHQ Hack February 6, 2014         NYT Samantha Storey Creator of Inept Redactions  February 6, 2014
2014-0180.pdf         Alexa O'Brien Sues for WikiLeaks-Manning Probe   February 6, 2014
2014-0179.pdf         Alexa O'Brien Sues for USG-NYT WikiLeaks Talks   February 6, 2014

2014-0178.pdf         Han-Noggle v Albuquerque 3rd Amended Complaint   February 5, 2014
2014-0177.pdf         GCHQ Attacked Anonymous                          February 5, 2014
2014-0176.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *1,098 Pages February 5, 2014
2014-0175.pdf         Ross Ulbricht Indicted for Silk Road Deals       February 4, 2014
2014-0174.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            February 4, 2014

2014-0173.htm         Masterspy Worldwide Threat Assessment Tweaked    February 4, 2013
2014-0172.pdf         NYC Cannonsville Hydroelectric Project FEA       February 4, 2014 (2.4MB)
2014-0171.pdf         Lattice Cryptography for the Internet            February 4, 2014
2014-0170.htm         Snowden Transcript of German Press TV 14-0126    February 4, 2014
2014-0170.pdf         Barrett Brown Motion to Dismiss                  February 3, 2014

2014-0169.pdf         Nelson Mandela Last Will and Testament Memo      February 3, 2014
2014-0168.pdf         NSDD-145 Telecommunications-AIS Security 1984    February 3, 2014 (6.2MB)
2014-0167.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            February 2, 2014
2014-0166.htm         Stopping NSA                                     February 2, 2014
2014-0165.pdf         NSA-GCHQ Allegedly Hack Cryptographer Quisquater February 2, 2014

2014-0164.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            February 1, 2014
2014-0163.pdf         DoD WHS ADR for CM-EEOD-Whistleblowers           February 1, 2014
2014-0162.pdf         Lavabit Appeal Orders on Data Decryption-Part    February 1, 2014
2014-0161.pdf         Lavabit Appeal Orders on Data Decryption-Full    February 1, 2014 (7.9MB)
2014-0160.pdf         DoD Nuclear Weapon System Safety Program Manual  February 1, 2014

O f f s i t e 

2014-00083            FreeSpeechMe, Namecoin-based Anti-Censorship Kit February 13, 2014   
2014-00082            Dutch Online Bitcon Bazaar Utopia Seized         February 13, 2014
2014-00081            Ronald Kessler Disagrees NSA Is Doing Wrong      February 12, 2014
2014-00080            AT&T Offers Austin, Tx, Discount to Allow Spying February 12, 2014
2014-00079            Since 1998, The Covert Comic Funning Spies       February 10, 2014

2014-00078            DGSE: IT tools for clandestine operatives        February 10, 2014
2014-00077            Night Photos of Three US Spy Agencies HQs        February 10, 2014
2014-00076            First Look Intercept Launches                    February 10, 2014
2014-00075            British Cryptologic Security Failures WW2        February 9, 2014
2014-00074            Target CC Hack Exploiters Still Online           February 9, 2014

2014-00073            NL Paper Discloses Full BoundlessInformant Doc   February 9, 2014
2014-00072            Muckrock FOIA Cryptome Request Over 2 Years Old  February 9, 2014
2014-00071            Migrating from 1024-bit to Stronger SSL Certs    February 9, 2014
2014-00070            Israel Iron Dome One Year Old Photos             February 8, 2014
2014-00069            New Interpretations of NSA Spying Merkel         February 7, 2014

2014-00068            FISA Court Appointments                          February 7, 2014
2014-00067            Dutch Spied 1.8M Calls to Help NSA               February 7, 2014
2014-00066            Verifying digital content for emergency coverage February 5, 2014
2014-00065            McCain Proposes Select Committee on NSA Leaks    February 5, 2014
2014-00064            Spy Industry: "We'll Destroy Opponents"          February 5, 2014

2014-00063            Michael Rosen, First Look Media Revenue Chief    February 5, 2014
2014-00062            Bruce Schneier: NSA Surveillance and What To Do  February 5, 2014
2014-00061            DIY Drone Brigade Takes Flight Vimeo FB          February 5, 2014
2014-00060            Things the NSA doesn't want you to know          February 4, 2014
2014-00059            Did CSEC really track CA airport travellers?     February 4, 2014

2014-00058            Privacy Not Prism Campaign                       February 4, 2014
2014-00057            Chaos Computer Club Sues DE for NSA-GCHQ Spying  February 3, 2014
2014-00056            Video: Journalism Windfall of Edward Snowden     February 2, 2014
2014-00055            HIIDE 5 Mobile Multi-Biometric Data Spy Tool     February 1, 2014
2014-00054            Guccifer Allegedly Linked to Global Hacker Ring  February 1, 2014

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Common Lines of Flight Towards the Open City, The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory, publication February 2012

New York VOIR DIRE: Interrogating the Juridical City State of Exception
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Watchlisting the Diaspora
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Targeted Publics: Arts and Technologies of the Security City

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The Geographer in Jules Romains' 'Donogoo Tonka or the Miracles of Science: A Cinematographic Tale'
Commentary and digital film presented at Forum Finale, Temple Hoyn Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, 5 April 2008.

Towards a New Blast Zone
in Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West, Urbanitats, No. 19, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona 2008.

Paper presented 18 May 2007, at the symposium “Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West”, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona.

National Security Sprawl
In Sensing the 21st Century City: Close-Up and Remote
AD Architectural Design
Vol. 75 No. 6 Nov/Dec 2005
Brian McGrath and Grahame Shane (eds.)
Wiley-Academy (London)

Jerusalem Sky
In The Next Jerusalem : Sharing the Divided City, Ed. Michael Sorkin
2002 Monacelli Press, New York, NY

Parallel Atlas: 38°N
Version 10, May 2002

Reversing the Panopticon
Invited Talk, 16 August 2001
10th USENIX Security Symposium, Washington, DC.

Homeland Defense and the Prosecution of Jim Bell
8 June 2001