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2014-0184.pdf         Navy Sub Crypto Tech Trapped by RU False Flag    February 6, 2014
2014-0183.pdf         Navy Sub Crypto Tech RU False Flag Documents     February 6, 2014

2014-0182.htm         Jean-Jacques Quisquater on Alleged NSA-GCHQ Hack February 6, 2014         NYT Samantha Storey Creator of Inept Redactions  February 6, 2014
2014-0180.pdf         Alexa O'Brien Sues for WikiLeaks-Manning Probe   February 6, 2014
2014-0179.pdf         Alexa O'Brien Sues for USG-NYT WikiLeaks Talks   February 6, 2014
2014-0178.pdf         Han-Noggle v Albuquerque 3rd Amended Complaint   February 5, 2014

2014-0177.pdf         GCHQ Attacked Anonymous                          February 5, 2014
2014-0176.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *1,098 Pages February 5, 2014
2014-0175.pdf         Ross Ulbricht Indicted for Silk Road Deals       February 4, 2014
2014-0174.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            February 4, 2014
2014-0173.htm         Masterspy Worldwide Threat Assessment Tweaked    February 4, 2013

2014-0172.pdf         NYC Cannonsville Hydroelectric Project FEA       February 4, 2014 (2.4MB)
2014-0171.pdf         Lattice Cryptography for the Internet            February 4, 2014
2014-0170.htm         Snowden Transcript of German Press TV 14-0126    February 4, 2014
2014-0170.pdf         Barrett Brown Motion to Dismiss                  February 3, 2014
2014-0169.pdf         Nelson Mandela Last Will and Testament Memo      February 3, 2014

2014-0168.pdf         NSDD-145 Telecommunications-AIS Security 1984    February 3, 2014 (6.2MB)
2014-0167.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            February 2, 2014
2014-0166.htm         Stopping NSA                                     February 2, 2014
2014-0165.pdf         NSA-GCHQ Allegedly Hack Cryptographer Quisquater February 2, 2014
2014-0164.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            February 1, 2014

2014-0163.pdf         DoD WHS ADR for CM-EEOD-Whistleblowers           February 1, 2014
2014-0162.pdf         Lavabit Appeal Orders on Data Decryption-Part    February 1, 2014
2014-0161.pdf         Lavabit Appeal Orders on Data Decryption-Full    February 1, 2014 (7.9MB)
2014-0160.pdf         DoD Nuclear Weapon System Safety Program Manual  February 1, 2014
2014-0159.pdf         NSA-CSEC Objects to Disclosure of IP Profiling   January 31, 2014

2014-0158.pdf         NSA-CSEC IP Profiling Analytics-Mission Impacts  January 31, 2014 (2.1MB)
2014-0157.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *1,084 Pages January 31, 2014
2014-0156.pdf         NSA Redactions Fail, Fail and Fail Again         January 30, 2014 (1.1MB)
2014-0155.htm         Senate Spying Committee Hearing 14-0129 Part 1   January 29, 2014
2014-0154.htm         Senate Spying Committee Hearing 14-0129 Part 2   January 29, 2014

2014-0153.pdf         Master Spy Worldwide Threat Assessment           January 29, 2014 (8.2MB)
2014-0152.htm         New York Times People's Republic of China Comsec January 29, 2014
2014-0151.pdf         DDOS Attack and Defense Review of Techniques     January 29, 2014
2014-0150.pdf         Polynomial Time PKC Attack                       January 29, 2014
2014-0149.pdf         Secure Untraceable Off-line Electronic Cash      January 29, 2014

2014-0148.pdf         FISC Motion to Publish Spy Data Orders 14-0127   January 29, 2014
2014-0147.pdf         In the Matter of UK State Spying                 January 29, 2014
2014-0146.pdf         GCHQ Newton's Cat: Chaining Tweets               January 29, 2014
2014-0145.pdf         AES-GCM v1 CAESAR Crypto Submission              January 28, 2014
2014-0144.htm         Parastoo on Syria, Terrorism and Israel          January 27, 2014

2014-0143.pdf         GCHQ Squeaky Dolphin Psychological Operations    January 27, 2014 (18MB)         Edward Snowden 30-Minute Video 13-0126 (EN)      January 27, 2014 (82MB)
2014-0141.pdf         NSA Converged Analysis of Smartphone Devices     January 27, 2014
2014-0140.pdf         GCHQ Mobile Theme Briefing                       January 27, 2014
2014-0139.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *1,057 Pages January 27, 2014

2014-0138.pdf         First Look Media Opens for Business              January 27, 2014
2014-0137.htm         Snowden Says US Spies Industry (video)           January 26, 2014
2014-0136.htm         Spies Find InfoTech Specialists Are Like Them    January 26, 2014
2014-0135.pdf         Shipboard TEMPEST Protection (Declass 13-1231)   January 26, 2014 (10.6MB)
2014-0134.htm         A Day in the CIA Operations Center               January 24, 2014

2014-0133.htm         Michael Hayden: Hackers Are Greatest Danger      January 24, 2014
2014-0132.jpg         NFL's Roger Goodell 2012 Compenation $29.4M      January 24, 2014
2014-0131.pdf         Website Fingerprinting Defenses                  January 24, 2014
2014-0130.pdf         Big Brother Watch v. HMG, Human Rights Court     January 24, 2014 (1.1MB)
2014-0129.htm         Internet Governance Foxes and Hens at Davos      January 24, 2014

2014-0128.htm         Edward Snowden Q&A 14-0123                       January 23, 2014
2014-0127.pdf         Privacy-Civil Liberties Member Brand Statement   January 23, 2014
2014-0126.pdf         Privacy-Civil Liberties Member Cook Statement    January 23, 2014
2014-0125.pdf         Privacy-Civil Liberties Board NSA Report 14-0123 January 23, 2014 (1.8MB)
2014-0124.htm         Guccifer Files on Cryptome                       January 23, 2014

2014-0123.pdf         Verizon Customer Spying Report                   January 23, 2014
2014-0122.pdf         Data Security in Cloud Architecture Cryptography January 23, 2014
2014-0121.htm         Guccifer Arrested  (Guccifer Archive)            January 22, 2014
2014-0120.htm         NSA Reputation Is Dirt                           January 21, 2014
2014-0119.pdf         Social Media Intelligence (SocMint) Conference   January 21, 2014

2014-0118.pdf         UK Court Refuses to Condemn US Drone Attacks     January 21, 2014
2014-0117.pdf         Reveal Impossible Cipher Block Differentials     January 21, 2014
2014-0116.pdf         Exposing Malicious Tor Exit Relays               January 21, 2014
2014-0114.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            January 21, 2014
2014-0115.pdf         Syria Torture Report                             January 21, 2014

2014-0114.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            January 20, 2014
2014-0113.htm         FISC NSA Orders Changes Comparison               January 19, 2014
2014-0112.pdf         NATO Peacetime State Activities in Cyberspace    January 19, 2014 (9.2MB)
2014-0111.htm ok      FISC NSA Orders BR 11-07 and BR 11-57 Compared   January 19, 2014
2014-0110.pdf         NSA Spying in Germany 1980s (DE)                 January 19, 2014 (2.1MB)

2014-0109.pdf         Dennis McGuire Execution by Air Hunger           January 18, 2014
2014-0108.pdf         Dennis McGuire Execution Messages Timeline       January 18, 2014 (1.0MB)
2014-0107.htm         FISC NSA Orders Before and After Obama Election  January 18, 2014
2014-0106.htm         FISC NSA Orders Comparison 2006 and 2011         January 18, 2014
2014-0105.pdf         Searchable Declassified NSA FISC File BR-06-08   January 18, 2014

2014-0104.pdf         Unsearchable Declassified NSA FISC File BR-06-08 January 18, 2014         DNI Releases 24 Declassified NSA FISC Files      January 17, 2014 (14.7MB)
2014-0102.pdf         Defense Efficiencies - Action Needed             January 17, 2014 (2.4MB)
2014-0101.htm         Obama Speech on NSA Reform                       January 17, 2014
2014-0100.pdf         Presidential Policy Directive 28 on SigInt       January 17, 2014

2014-0099.pdf         NSA SMS Text Messages - A Goldmine to Exploit    January 16, 2014 (1.7MB)
2014-0098.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *992 Pages   January 16, 2014
2014-0097.htm         Freedom of the Press Foundation Comsec           January 16, 2014
2014-0096.htm Repost  Alternative History of Public-Key Cryptography   January 16, 2014
2014-0095.pdf         UK Judge Allows Google Violation Suit to Proceed January 16, 2014

2014-0094.htm         Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Meet January 15, 2014
2014-0093.pdf         Hidden Attacks on Power Grid: Optimal/Mitigation Janaury 15, 2014
2014-0092.pdf         Senate Report on Benghazi Attack                 January 15, 2014 (4.6MB)
2014-0091.htm         Bloated Security Firms Get Fatter on Hackers     January 15, 2014
2014-0090.htm         NSA QUANTUM Spies with Radio Signals             January 15, 2014

2014-0089.htm         Little NSA Restraint by Obama                    January 15, 2014
2014-0088.pdf         Judge John Bates FISA Recommendations            January 14, 2014
2014-0087.pdf         Hector Monsegur Sentencing 2 April 2014 Order    January 14, 2014
2014-0086.pdf         Scott Ainslie NSA FOIA to Scottish Parliament    January 14, 2014
2014-0085.pdf ok      NSA Special Source Operations - DK Duplicate     January 14, 2014

2013-1103.vid         Meet Me At Your Riser - Cryptome Video           August 31, 2013


O f f s i t e 

2014-00066            Verifying digital content for emergency coverage February 5, 2014

2014-00065            McCain Proposes Select Committee on NSA Leaks    February 5, 2014
2014-00064            Spy Industry: "We'll Destroy Opponents"          February 5, 2014
2014-00063            Michael Rosen, First Look Media Revenue Chief    February 5, 2014
2014-00062            Bruce Schneier: NSA Surveillance and What To Do  February 5, 2014
2014-00061            DIY Drone Brigade Takes Flight Vimeo FB          February 5, 2014

2014-00060            Things the NSA doesn't want you to know          February 4, 2014
2014-00059            Did CSEC really track CA airport travellers?     February 4, 2014
2014-00058            Privacy Not Prism Campaign                       February 4, 2014
2014-00057            Chaos Computer Club Sues DE for NSA-GCHQ Spying  February 3, 2014
2014-00056            Video: Journalism Windfall of Edward Snowden     February 2, 2014

2014-00055            HIIDE 5 Mobile Multi-Biometric Data Spy Tool     February 1, 2014
2014-00054            Guccifer Allegedly Linked to Global Hacker Ring  February 1, 2014
2014-00053            Video of "Journalism After Snowden"              January 31, 2014
2014-00052            Luscious Photos: Abandoned Railroad Tunnels      January 30, 2014
2014-00051            Facial Mesh Tracking and Substitution            January 30, 2014

2014-00050            Dan Bernstein Sanity Check on AES-GCM Proposals  January 30, 2014
2014-00049            NYT: Portrait of a Political Smear of Artist     January 29, 2014
2014-00048            Snowden Upped for Nobel Peace Prize              January 29, 2014
2014-00047            Assessment of Israeli Parastoo Op                January 29, 2014
2014-00046            Guccifer v. Edward Snowden (Guccifer Archive)    January 27, 2014

2014-00045            FBI Exploits Tormail Data Bank-Freedom Hosting   January 27, 2014
2014-00044            USG Created Tor and PRISM - So At Last           January 27, 2014
2014-00043            Video: Snowden USA betreiben Wirtschaftsspionage January 26, 2014
2014-00042            Mixmaster That Allows RSA Keys of 4096 Bits      January 26, 2014
2014-00041            Open Letter by US Researchers in Crypto-Infosec  January 26, 2014

2014-00040            SECILE on Obama's Reformed NSA                   January 26, 2014
2014-00039            SECILE on Obama's NSA Speech                     January 26, 2014
2014-00038            SECILE Securing Europe Through Counter-Terrorism January 26, 2014
2014-00037            IETF: NSA Employee to Remain Crypto Co-chair via January 24, 2013
2014-00036 ok         APT, Chinese Governments, Hackers Oh My          January 23, 2014

2014-00035            NSA/TEMPEST/SCIF/Radiation Shielding Materials   January 23, 2014
2014-00034            FBI/DHS: IED Planted in Human Remains FOUO       January 23, 2014
2014-00033            Google Glass Wearer Harassed as Film Thief       January 22, 2014
2014-00032            NRO Releases More GAMBIT Dual Mode Sat Spy Files January 22, 2014
2014-00031            Defense Panel Urges More Global Spying Like NSA  January 21, 2014

2014-00030            CIA Officer Alfreda Frances Bikowsky             January 19, 2014
2014-00029            Most Evil Sentence Ever Written                  Janaury 19, 2014
2014-00028            End of the Snowden Operation (Whistling Dixie)   January 19, 2014
2014-00027            NSA UPSTREAM Collection Slides                   January 18, 2014
2014-00026            NSA DISHFIRE and Other Program Spies Identity    January 17, 2014

2014-00025            Germans Decoded US Diplomatic Messages 1944      January 17, 2014
2014-00024            Bruce Schneier Briefs Congresspersons on NSA     January 16, 2014
2014-00023            9/11 Maps Animation                              January 14, 2014
2014-00022            Declassification "Elaborate Subterfuge"          January 14, 2014
2014-00021            Glenn Greenwald Snowden Book Due 29 April 2014   January 12, 2014


Inside the NSA are four levels of information. Level 1 is of basic administrative. The next level consists of reports, written in a way that give information without revealing sources. Levels 3 and 4 "gets into how we do what we do," Mr. McConnell said. He said that Mr. Snowden had very limited access to the third tier and almost no access to the fourth.

NSA Surveillance and What To Do About It

Speaker: Bruce Schneier

Host: MIT Big Data Initiative at CSAIL
Host Affiliation: MIT CSAIL

Date: Thursday, February 06, 2014
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Refreshments Time: 4:45 PM
Location: 32-123


Edward Snowden has given us an unprecedented window into the NSA's surveillance activities. Drawing from both the Snowden documents and revelations from previous whistleblowers, this talk describes the sorts of surveillance the NSA conducts and how it conducts it. The emphasis will be on the technical capabilities of the NSA, and not the politics or legality of their actions. I will then discuss what sorts of countermeasures are likely to frustrate any nation-state adversary with these sorts of capabilities. These will be techniques to raise the cost of wholesale surveillance in favor of targeted surveillance: ubiquitous encryption, target dispersal, anonymity tools, and so on.

Edward Snowden: "I gave all of my information to the American public, to American journalists who are reporting on American issues."

All of Snowden's information was not been given to the American public, only to four journalists -- Barton Gellman, Laura Poitras, Ewen MacAskill and Glenn Greenwald -- for cowardly reporting between %.0062 and 1.8% of total since June 2013:

A sends:

DEA Sinaloa Docs

PHB: As Robert Morris used to say, the three laws of computer security:

1) Don't have a computer.
2) If you have a computer, don't turn it on.
3) If you turn it on, don't use it.

Cryptome, 21 January 2014: This is an FOI request to Snowden, Greenwald, Poitras, Gellman, NY Times, for full release of Snowden's de facto declassified USG documents. Send to: Cryptome, 251 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024. Cost of digital reproduction on USBs will be paid. Public key for encrypting <cryptome[at]>: Fingerprint=5D02 335F 26A1 BD73 BFE3 F519 3755 7319 F9FC 4719

Ellsberg: Publishing classified documents is legal; leaking them is illegal. That's why publishing profits from courageous leaks, risk-free.

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"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung, via Tony Gosling

Military Casualties

Iraq Civilian Dead Wounded Care War Contracts

2014-0082.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *984 Pages   January 14, 2014
2014-0084.pdf         Bruce Ivins Co-worker Patrica Worsham Deposed    January 14, 2014 (5.0MB)
2014-0083.htm         Alleged Iranian Spy Mozafaar Kazaie Arrested     January 14, 2014
2014-0083.pdf         NSA PRISM - DK Duplicate                         January 14, 2014
2014-0081.htm         USG Spying Spending 2014                         January 14, 2014

2014-0080.htm         USG $504 Million for Israel Missile Defense      January 14, 2014
2014-0079.pdf         USG Spending Bill 2014                           January 14, 2014 (2.8MB)
2014-0078.htm         Mud Love                                         January 13, 2014
2014-0077.pdf         NSA Adversary Spotting: Windows Event Monitoring January 13, 2014 (1.5MB)
2014-0076.pdf         NSA Reducing the Effectiveness of Pass-the-Hash  January 13, 2013

2014-0075.pdf         NYT James Risen v. USA Supreme Court Certiorari  January 13, 2014
2014-0074.htm         Hector Sabu Monsegur Sentencing 2 April 2014     January 13, 2014
2014-0073.pdf         Lavabit Appeal Filings January 2014              January 13, 2014
2014-0072.pdf         NL Cyber Security Perspectives 2013              January 13, 2014 (7.6MB)
2014-0071.pdf         NSA-Five-Eyes Spy G8-G20 - DK Duplicate          January 13, 2014

2014-0070.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *966 Pages   January 13, 2014
2014-0069.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            January 13, 2014
2014-0068.pdf         DoD Guide: Foreign Ownership, Control, Influence January 11, 2014
2014-0067.pdf         NSA Deputy Director John Inglis Leaks Data       January 10, 2014
2014-0066.pdf         Senate to AG Holder on Aaron Swartz Persecution  January 10, 2014

2014-0065.pdf         OMG Gonorrhoea ... Its Trending                  January 10, 2014
2014-0064.pdf         Challenge of Internet Privacy 2014               January 10, 2014 (2.0MB)
2014-0063.htm Update  Snowden Document and Page Count Assessment       January 10, 2014
2014-0062.pdf         Navy Information on Nuclear Weapons              January 9, 2014
2014-0061.htm         Snowden Document and Page Count Assessment       January 9, 2014

2014-0060.pdf         FBI Ultrasonic Listening Device /related 65MB    January 9, 2014
2014-0059.htm Update  Omniquad Exposes You Online                      January 9, 2014
2014-0058.pdf         Booz Allen Hamilton Non-Disclosure Agreement     January 8, 2014
2014-0057.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            January 8, 2013
2014-0056.pdf         Barton Gellman on Edward Snowden                 January 7, 2014

2014-0055.pdf         Heckler & Koch New Suppressor Systems            January 7, 2014
2014-0054.pdf         NSA Denies Release of Any Snowden Information    January 7, 2014
2014-0053.pdf         USA-JPMorgan Chase Madoff Settlement             January 7, 2014 (1.4MB)
2014-0052.pdf         New York Times and State Dept Meet on WikiLeaks  January 7, 2014
2014-0051.pdf         NSA Intellipedia: Vatican City /via              January 7, 2014

2014-0050.pdf         Israel Palestinian Incitement                    January 7, 2014 (1.6MB)
2014-0049.pdf         Israeli Commander: Crypto Is Strategic Element   January 7, 2014
2014-0048.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            January 6, 2013
2014-0047.pdf         Glenn Greenwald Assesses the Omidyar Gambit      January 6, 2014
2014-0046.pdf         John Kiriakou Letter from Prison 8 Dec 2013      January 6, 2014

2014-0045.htm         Edward Snowden and Booz Allen Public Keys        January 6, 2014
2014-0044.pdf         Klayman v. NSA 31 Oct 2013 Hearing Transcript    January 6, 2014
2014-0043.htm         Log Files Internet Metadata Spying Series        January 6, 2014
2014-0042.pdf         Web Analytics Overview of Log File Spying        January 6, 2014
2014-0041.pdf         Boxes and Arrows Overview of Log File Spying     January 6, 2014

2014-0040.pdf         Microsoft IIS Log File Spying                    January 6, 2014
2014-0039.pdf         Microsoft IIS FAQ Log File Spying                January 6, 2014
2014-0038.pdf         Microsoft IE Log File Spying                     January 6, 2014
2014-0037.pdf         Hewlett Packard Log File Spying                  January 6, 2014
2014-0036.pdf         Splunk Log File Spying                           January 6, 2014

2014-0035.pdf         123LogAnalyzer Log File Spying                   January 6, 2014
2014-0034.pdf         HttpWatch Log File Spying                        January 6, 2014
2014-0033.pdf         ManageEngine Log File Spying                     January 6, 2014
2014-0032.pdf         Webalizer Log File Spying                        January 6, 2014
2014-0031.pdf         AWStats Log File Spying                          January 6, 2014

2014-0030.pdf         Sawmill Log File Spying                          January 6, 2014
2014-0029.htm         George Mascolo on Edward Snowden                 January 5, 2014
2014-0028.htm         NSA Warns of Rogue Sysadmins-Compare 2 Versions  January 5, 2014 
2014-0027.htm         NSA TAO Introduction                             January 5, 2014 (3.2MB)
2014-0026.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *962 Pages   January 5, 2014

2014-0025.htm         NSA Warns of Rogue System Administrators 1991    January 4, 2014
2014-0024.pdf         NSA Quantum Computer Research at LPS 2005        January 4, 2014
2014-0023.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - *946 Pages   January 4, 2014
2014-0022.pdf         NSA Surveillance Online Symposium - 11 Papers    January 3, 2014 (2.5MB)
2014-0021.pdf         FISC Approves Renewal of Phone Metadata Spying   January 3, 2014

2014-0020.pdf         USA Appeals Klayman v. NSA Decision              January 3, 2014
2014-0019.pdf         EFF v. DoJ Appeal of OLC Opinion Denied          January 3, 2014
2014-0018.htm Update  Air Force Advanced Airborne Command Post         January 3, 2014
2013-0017.pdf         NSA Quantum Computer 2                           January 3, 2014
2013-0016.pdf         NSA Quantum Computer                             January 3, 2014

2014-0015.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - 946 Pages    January 3, 2014
2014-0014.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            January 3, 2014
2013-0013.pdf         Authenticated Encryption with Replay prOtection  January 2, 2014
2013-0012.htm         Jacob Appelbaum on Der Spiegel NSA/GCHQ Reports  January 2, 2014
2013-0011.pdf Update  Full Disclosure - The Internet Dark Age          January 2, 2014 (2.0MB)

2013-0010.htm         Parastoo: Attack on PG&E Metcalf Power Station   January 2, 2014
2013-0009.htm         Dual_EC_DRBG backdoor: a proof of concept        January 2, 2014
2013-0008.htm         To Combat the NSA Industries of the World        January 2, 2014
2013-0007.htm Update  Omniquad Exposes You Online                      January 2, 2014
2014-0006.htm         NY Times: Edward Snowden Clemency                January 2, 2014

2014-0005.htm         NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update - 933 Pages    January 2, 2014
2014-0004.htm         Air Force Advanced Airborne Command Post         January 2, 2014
2014-0003.htm         NSA Codenames                                    January 1, 2014
2014-0002.htm         30c3 Aftermath                                   January 1, 2014
2014-0001.htm Update  Omidyar, First Look, Newconews Comsec            January 1, 2014

O f f s i t e 

2014-00020            National Security and Double Government          January 12, 2014
2014-00019            NSA's organizational designations                January 11, 2014
2014-00018            Chinese expert calls for network warfare unit    January 11, 2014
2014-00017            Microwave warfare by British expert              January 11, 2014
2014-00016            NL Gov: Parliamentary questions about EU IntCen  January 10, 2014

2014-00015            Pierre Omidyar's Business Model Is Like a Scam   January 8, 2014
2014-00014            Technocreep: Privacy Surrender, Intimacy Selling January 8, 2014
2014-00013            Journalism After Snowden-NYT Guardian Sunstein   January 7, 2014
2014-00012            Guccifer Archive                                 January 7, 2014
2014-00011            Jacob Applebaum - Enemy of the Cyberstate        January 7, 2014

2014-00010 ok-mirror  Israeli Commander: Crypto Is Strategic Element   January 6, 2014
2014-00009            Google and the World Brain                       January 6, 2014
2014-00008            HOPE X Discounted Tickets on Sale Monday         January 5, 2014
2014-00007            Academics Against Mass Surveillance              January 3, 2014
2014-00006            Backdoors in Routers                             January 2, 2014

2014-00005            NSA Seeks Quantum Computer to Crack Crypto       January 2, 2014
2014-00004            Map of US Military Installations in the US       January 2, 2014
2014-00003            Talk with CIA Officer Stephen John Nicgorski (2) January 2, 2014
2014-00002            How a Snowden Image Was Censored by Computer Mag January 2, 2014
2014-00001            What Do We Do Now Living in a Post-Snowden World January 2, 2014

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L'Empire des Oiseaux: Schoolgirl Quarantines from Dalat to the Rue Alexandre de Rhodes

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Cryptome Tracks the NYPD Ring of Steel

Common Lines of Flight Towards the Open City, The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory, publication February 2012

New York VOIR DIRE: Interrogating the Juridical City State of Exception
Deborah Natsios / Cryptome, 20 December 2010

Initial version presented 17 April 2010, during panel: "Sovereign spaces: security after the war on terror"
2010 Annual Meeting, Association of American Geographers (AAG) (3.4MB)

Watchlisting the Diaspora
Presented 3 October 2008: Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB)
Targeted Publics: Arts and Technologies of the Security City

Expanded and to be published as:

The Geographer in Jules Romains' 'Donogoo Tonka or the Miracles of Science: A Cinematographic Tale'
Commentary and digital film presented at Forum Finale, Temple Hoyn Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, 5 April 2008.

Towards a New Blast Zone
in Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West, Urbanitats, No. 19, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona 2008.

Paper presented 18 May 2007, at the symposium “Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West”, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona.

National Security Sprawl
In Sensing the 21st Century City: Close-Up and Remote
AD Architectural Design
Vol. 75 No. 6 Nov/Dec 2005
Brian McGrath and Grahame Shane (eds.)
Wiley-Academy (London)

Jerusalem Sky
In The Next Jerusalem : Sharing the Divided City, Ed. Michael Sorkin
2002 Monacelli Press, New York, NY

Parallel Atlas: 38°N
Version 10, May 2002

Reversing the Panopticon
Invited Talk, 16 August 2001
10th USENIX Security Symposium, Washington, DC.

Homeland Defense and the Prosecution of Jim Bell
8 June 2001