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8 October 2015

US Attorneys shopping for prostitutes on taxpayer dime. -- Leaks incoming

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 16:24:57 +0200
Subject: US Attorneys shopping for prostitutes on taxpayer dime. -- Leaks incoming.
From: Andrew Auernheimer <gluttony[a t]>
To: "Intrater, Zach (USANJ)" <Zach.Intrater[a t]>, Paul.Fishman[a t]

An open letter to my old friends US Attorneys Paul Fishman and Zach Intrater.

It's been over a year since I last asked for a fair and just amount of compensation for the three years of my life you stole under false pretense. I was kidnapped at gunpoint, wrongfully imprisoned, and tortured thanks to lies spewed by your office and you have yet to apologize and make amends for that. Since yesterday Matthew Keys was wrongfully found guilty on all counts (a conviction the DOJ obtained by perjuring themselves to falsely exaggerate the level of financial damages to elevate his charges to a felony in order to deny him a fair attempt at a misdemeanor charge) I have a message for you and federal prosecutors around the country: we are going to leak information to expose you all in the next days for the lying cheaters that you are.

The statements of prosecutors should be inviolate, and yet all around the country you have continually spewed nothing but lies in federal criminal cases. Your ilk are incapable of respecting the sanctity of the courts or the Constitution. Even the most sacred personal oath that a man can take is a rotten joke to people like you: a promise of commitment to one's wife. We have located a number of US Attorneys within the Ashley Madison dataset using the resources of the taxpayer (offices, computers, paid time, and Internet connections) to attempt to cheat on their wives. Those so responsible in your office will be the first to be disclosed.

Guilty parties will be published one by one on -- its editor, Chuck C. Johnson, is committed to bringing hypocritical adulterers amongst federal prosecutors to justice.

Personal phone calls, targeted ad campaigns on social media services, mass emails, and robocall campaigns will inform the following relations of prosecutors of their lying, cheating natures and theft of taxpayer money: spouses, children, children's classmates, religious congregations, and the hometowns of them and their spouses. We will broadcast your indiscretions to the world for months.

Responsible parties currently employed by US Attorney Paul Fishman's office will be disclosed first, and we will move through until we have covered each and every federal prosecutor's office in America.

Ironically, as you wrongfully prosecute hackers across the planet for ludicrous CFAA technicalities, the act of using computers provided by the government for work purposes to shop for whores is in itself a CFAA violation. You have no just authority to prosecute laws your own workers violate. You continually present affronts to the Constitution. In US v. Auernheimer, my conviction was vacated because you violated my right to a trial in a proper venue. Now you continue to bring cases that violate that very same Constitutional right. Your current attempt to extradite Lauri Love from the United Kingdom is nothing but an unlawful kidnapping attempt. His indictment in the Third Circuit makes not even an a cursory attempt to establish venue and yet you want to rend him from his homeland? A similar unconstitutional, venue-violating case brought by your office lead to the suicide of Lance Moore-- his case was brought out of the Third Circuit unlawfully in violation of his rights, and he, like me, had not committed a crime at all. Unlike me, he killed himself in despair, and his blood is on your hands.

There are not many hacktivists on the planet. We are a small tribe, and criminal harassment by federal prosecutors have lead to their deaths. Lance Moore, Jonathan James, Aaron Swartz are all dead thanks to false charges on behalf of the government. You have invalidated the Constitution under whose authority you were supposed to operate. You are showing the world that you are a problem, and that something must be done to put a stop to you all forever, one way or another.

The battleground will include the minds and social relations of your families. We are going to move forward with continual assaults of truthful information upon your work and home lives until you are brought to justice for the many clear acts of treason and sedition that you have committed.

Looking forward to seeing the divorce proceedings of treasonous federal slime.

Andrew "weev" Auernheimer