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9 December 2017

Croughton Spies Caught

From Alan Turnbull,

RAF Croughton near Brackley, Northamptonshire, UK, is the main US DoD communications hub for theatres of war. It is suggested that drone attacks have their command and control signals routed through Croughton's data lines. It was also reported that Angela Merkel's NSA phone tap was routed through here back to Washington DC.

A massive expansion programme is underway to construct a new mission building "PL1" and a new antenna field comprising six new "golf ball" radomes.

The new SATCOM enclosure will be created immediately south west of an existing radome enclave here:-

51.9876, -1.1769

In the planning application during 2016, prime contractors Mott Macdonald and HLM Architects prepared a Design and Access Statement (attached).


Unfortunately, it seems due diligence isn't a strong point at either company.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to lift from my website a copyrighted aerial pic supplied to me (and only me) by a specialist pilot/photographer. It is used without permission or credit in section 2.3 of the Design and Access Statement "Site Analysis". It is watermarked and these watermarks show on the planning application PDF!


Yes, that's right, a US DoD / UK MoD critical infrastructure expansion - and its planning application includes an image stolen from Secret Bases!

All parties are so far refusing to comment. I am still awaiting a response from the UK MoD and RAF Croughton. I have approached them through my usual official channels in Whitehall.

HLM Architects Managing Director Karen Mosley has refused to reply to repeated emails and telephone calls. Steve Birnie, chief planner at Mott Macdonald, has so far not returned a voicemail left for him on his direct line.

Presumably they cannot convincingly say they don't know who I am and "why is he bothering us?", when they actively stole an image from my website!

Karen Mosley was shortlisted for Woman of the Year 2017 by Building Magazine.